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How to Advance Your Sales Career during Unforeseeable Times

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Salesmen who recalibrate their strategies to align with new changes are more successful. Use these tips to advance your sales career.  

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” ~ Thomas Edison

To keep your sales career soaring high, you must try “just one more time” whenever you intend to quit. Because people who can adapt to the most trying circumstances are usually the ones who go a long way. Everything is changing at lightning speed in today’s digital age. Companies are reworking their budgets, lay-offs and furloughs are common, and businesses are switching to remote selling. Since digital has become the preferred sales technique, consumers order products online without visiting any brick-and-mortar stores. Salesmen who can recalibrate their strategies to align with these new changes are more successful.

Since another recession is just around the corner, it’s all the more necessary to prep up and advance your sales career by taking the right steps. Though it might feel impossible it is doable. Here are 5 important tips to follow and advance yourself as a salesperson.

5 Tips to Further Your Sales Career

#Ditch the urge for shortcuts 

Market fluctuations are here to stay. Transitions and uncertainties are a common sight. Whether consumer demands, environmental factors, or industry trends are causing these changes, don’t let these factors deter your focus. And never compromise on sales integrity and quality. You will always have tremendous pressure to close deals, but the determination to add value to customers should be stronger. Devote the required time to each account and don’t rush to make a sale against your company’s policies.

Always put yourself in the customers’ shoes before making a sale. Ask yourself whether you’re taking short cut to seal the deal soon or are ethically working towards it. Nothing beats self-analysis.

#2 Always innovate

Maintaining the status quo during unforeseeable times is OK, but how you pivot in such times shows your resilience and character. Transform yourself into a salesperson who sees hurdles as opportunities. Don’t shy away from risk, and always prepare yourself to troubleshoot and innovate. This is another significant step to advancing your sales career and up your sales game. Uncertain times call for bold actions.

#3 Understand the why

Remember Simon Sinek’s famous “Golden Circle” concept? You must know the why before your figure out the what and how. This concept applies to your sales career as well. Finding your why helps you identify a new purpose, stimulation, and push to move forward. If you want a customer to try your organization’s product, delve into why they must do it. Once that is sorted, you can focus on the “how to” part and convert a prospect into your customer.

#4 Up your standards

All organizations benefit from outperforming salespeople. Your company and managers set quotas and standards to meet. Only when you push yourself to deliver more than what they’ve set for you will you identify your true potential. Upping your standards is quite important to advance your sales career. If the management expects you to deliver 25% to the annual revenue growth, aim for 30 or 35%. Challenge yourself to outperform and witness the magic unfold.

#5 Learn continuously 

Experience can never replace learning. If you think you have great experience to back you and go easy with learning new skills, you are up for a big shock. The moment you stop learning, you limit your growth and opportunities. To continuously advance and excel, especially during uncertain times, you must take time out for learning. Stay up-to-date with market trends and your products. Don’t shy away to upskill accordingly.

Do you agree with these tips? Are you ready to implement them and witness a positive change in your sales career? Do let us know in the comments below.

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