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4 Useful Tips for Connecting with C-Level Executives

4 Useful Tips for Connecting with C-Level Executives
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Selling to C-Suite executives is a completely different ball game than selling to other stakeholders. The top leadership focuses on the goals of the organization. Your products or services should align with those goals before you even approach them. And even if you have the best-in-class product/service that matches their requirements, you must make a cautious attempt while connecting with the C suites.

Here are 4 useful tips you can use when you have to contact any upper C leaders of an organization.

4 Useful Tips for Connecting with C-Level Executives

Before cold calling a top leader, you must take a cautious approach. And you must have great patience before getting them to talk. But, connecting with C-suites isn’t impossible. Use these tips the next time you approach them.

Have patience and persistence till they connect

Patience and perseverance are the two most important must-haves in a sales rep. The upper C-level executives are extremely busy. Sometimes, it is impossible to get them on call. But dialing at least three to five times to reach them is a good practice before leaving a voice mail. Call them at different times of the same day and on different days to check if you can connect with them. They will answer your call and you can silently celebrate this moment.

Assess their frame of mind

While cold calling the upper leadership, assess their circumstances and mood quickly during the call and match your tone and conversation accordingly. This is a significant step before you move forward with your sales process. Their tone and way of communication speak a lot. Try to understand whether they are in a hurry, relaxed, or busy. By matching your pacing with their energy you can borrow a few minutes of their time to convey your value statement. Don’t forget to be courteous and thank them before you end your call.

Rapport building helps

Rapport building with top leadership, especially when they sound laid back, is crucial. If you come across a C-suite executive who sounds relaxed, do not jump on to your sales pitch immediately. That’s a major turn-off. Start with anything sans your product/service. Exchange pleasantries, talk about something else (briefly), and then bring up your value statement. Your small talk can be about anything like the weather, the day of the week, etc. Beginning your conversation with small talk is good even before you introduce yourself. Only, if the person on the other end sounds unhurried.

Allow C-level executives to speak

This is the second most important aspect to focus on. After your initial few sentences, allow the C-level executive to speak. NEVER interrupt them while they are talking. If required, tap the mute button on your phone. By doing this, you will gain their respect and an opportunity to explain more about the purpose of your call (i.e., sales). You can’t commence your pitch and expect them to listen if you do not allow your prospects to talk.

Key Takeaway

Connecting with C-level executives can be daunting till you follow the right approach. Use these tips each time you call the top leadership and you will get the opportunity to get your value statement across. Above all, be patient and persistent to have an edge over your competitors approaching the same C-suite executives like you.